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BYOT, also known as Bring Your Own Technology, is a 1:1 learning model that allows our students to bring their own technology into the classroom. Their devices are used strictly for educational purposes. Due to this use, it is required that the device has the ability to connect to the internet and use collaborative technology, such as Google Workspace, also known previously as Google G-Suites.


At Western Christian, our faculty has selected the BYOT model after a thorough process in researching the benefits to our students while using 1:1 computer access and the most effective way to implement 1:1 learning. Additionally with this approach, students are able to remain connected to their teachers and classmates outside of the classroom, especially in the case of absence or illness. After conducting this research, Western Christian has selected BYOT for the following benefits to our students:

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  • Dedicated Training

    Faculty also benefit from the BYOT approach. Rather than spending time configuring and maintaining device knowledge, staff can focus on training and the implementation of the devices. The BYOT approach allows our staff to remain focused on the success of our students.
  • Financial Commitment

    BYOT additionally allows for our students and families to invest in their future. Families are not financially required to continue investing in new machines that will only benefit their students within the walls of Western Christian. By bringing their own devices into the classroom, students are able to remain familiar with the device. Additionally, they are able to take their technology with them after graduation wherever their journey leads.
  • Personal Preference

    BYOT allows for families to purchase a device tailored to their student. Due to the variance on device brands and models, this approach provides flexibility for families to choose their device based on price, preference, and financial allowance
  • Responsible Usage

    Technology is a necessary skill in this day in age which is constantly changing. In order to prepare our students to be the most effective disciples of God’s Kingdom, we believe it is our responsibility to equip our students with the skills needed in their adult lives beyond Western Christian’s doors. 1:1 Technology additionally allows for our faculty to provide a learning environment where students can access the applicable information and solve authentic problems.
  • Technology Usage

    Our students’ lives are saturated with technology. Bringing this technology into the classroom allows for our staff to additionally teach the respectable ways that technology can be used. In the respected use of this technology, we believe students will model the responsible Christ-like behavior they have seen in each of their daily lives.

BYOT Device Specification & Minimum System Requirements

Under the BYOT program, all students are expected to bring their own devices to school each day. Each device is required to meet the following minimum standards recommended by Western Christian. The specified guidelines are listed for parents to be aware of before purchasing to ensure their student has an appropriate device for the classroom. Below, the device specifications are listed for both Mac and Windows.

Device Type Operating System Minimum Processor Minimum Storage SSD or HD, SSD Preferred Minimum Ram
Mac OSX 13 (Equivalent or Better) Intel Core m3 256GB 8GB
Windows Windows 11 Intel i5 (Equivalent or better, 7th gen or newer) 256GB 8GB


Approved Accessories

Suggested Accessories Approved by WCHS:

  • Case/Cover
  • Earbuds

Windows based machines should have a dual band wireless adapter so that the device can wireless connect to the internet.

Non-Approved Devices

Under the discretion of Western Christian, these devices and/or operating systems will NOT be accepted/approved:

  • Android Table
  • Chromebook
  • Windows Surface "RT"
  • Windows 10 Version "S"

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