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Western Christian High School athletes achieve an exponential level of accomplishment, honor, and responsibility. High school athletics are a privilege to play and a privilege to watch. With great privilege comes great responsibility – one that yearns for Christ-like sportsmanship from our athletes, student body, and faculty.

The Wolfpack Edge

What sets our student athletes apart from others? We believe that our deep-rooted faith in God reflects through our activities. It is truly evident to others how we serve, perform, and compete with one another. At Western Christian High School, it is our universal hope and prayer that we as athletes, coaches and fans incorporate Purpose, Passion and Service into all activities and athletics performed here at Western. We believe that the Wolfpack Edge summarizes our athletic departments’ commitment to competitive athletics.

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  • Playing With Purpose

    We will understand that our purpose on earth is to glorify God in all we do.
  • Competing With Passion

    We will challenge ourselves to compete with boldness and joy.
  • Leading Through Service

    We will serve our school and community through our activities.

Supporting Wolfpack Athletics

Western Christian High School coaches and administration appreciate our student’s parental support. As staff, we understand that student athletes often require adjustments in family schedules, a large time and effort commitment from both parents and students, and emotional dedication to your student athletes’ successes and disappointments. We at Western Christian High School look forward to partnering with you in the future!

Watch Wolfpack Athletics

Click the link below to be directed to our home athletic livestreams!

Purchase Wolfpack Athletics Tickets

For some athletic events, such as state events, tickets are required for purchase. If necessary, find the information listed here to purchase your tickets.

Wolfpack Summer Sports Camps

Each year, Student Athletes and coaches host Summer Sports Camps at Western Christian High School for upcoming athletes to gain both skills and knowledge in the sport. When available, find registration information posted here!

Junior Wolfpack Athletics

Here at Western Christian High School, we believe in providing Christ-centered athletic opportunities for the future generations of student athletes. For individuals in late-elementary or middle school ages, we provide a Junior athletics sports teams to compete in the surrounding communities. Our Junior Wolfpack mission is to instill core values and drive home Western

Get Involved With The Wolfpack

Christian’s Wolfpack Edge approach to athletics. We believe that together with guided coaches, we have the ability to build the future generations’ fundamental skills, teach discipline, and develop team-building relationships that last a lifetime between classmates. 

Get In Touch with our Athletic Department:

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  • Travis Kooima 

    Co-Activities Director
  • Derek Keizer 03

    Co-Activities Director

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