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Spreading God's Love Beyond Borders

Here at Western Christian High School, we encourage our students to venture beyond borders, experiencing God’s world through the direct interaction with other cultures. International opportunities at Western Christian High School have allowed students to travel to the Netherlands, Spain, and Mexico. Each of these trips include a vast variety of experiences to experience the culture and knowledge gained within our classroom walls.

If you are interested in finding out more about the international program offerings or have questions, contact:

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  • Carey Van Donselaar 

    Director of Cultural Learning

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  • Going Dutch!

    The Netherlands Exchange Program provides Western Christian High School students with the opportunity to explore Dutch culture, learn about the history of the said culture from Dutch perspective, and experience the Dutch atmosphere. Here, Junior and Senior students are able to apply to this three-week program. In the fall, Western Christian High School welcomes Dutch students from the Netherlands to in turn, experience American culture & study here with our students.
  • Off to Spain!

    Our students have another great opportunity to expand their Spanish-speaking skills in no better place than the Spanish culture! This opportunity presents students with the ability to discover first-hand the places they have been studying in the classroom, put their language skills to great use, and tour some fabulous areas of Spain. Students who apply for this program must have taken a minimum of 2.5 years of Spanish class (or an equivalent) to apply for this Spring Break trip.
  • Hola Amigos!

    A trip to our neighboring country of Mexico allows our students to serve and interact with those who need our serving hearts. This trip also allows our students to put their Spanish-speaking skills to daily use. During this Spring Break trip, our students will serve this country through distributing food and clothing, stocking shelves, sharing stories with the community, and playing with children. Students interested in a mission-emphasized trip are welcome and encouraged to apply for this international opportunity!

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