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Western Christian's JumpSTART Pathway is a four-year program for incoming freshmen students. The "START" in JumpSTART stands for "Supporting The Area of Rising Trades"; the pathway goal is to equip our non-college bound students to be servant-hearted, career-ready individuals through authentic field experiences in conjunction with Christian education. Ideal students for the JumpSTART Pathway will be highly motivated to grow in diverse industry knowledge and skills and equipped to enter the workforce as a skilled employee. Shawn De Stigter is the JumpSTART Pathway administrator, and he works directly with students and families within this program. He plays a pivotal role within the JumpSTART program by bridging key partnerships with local businesses and colleges and creating innovative opportunities for JumpSTART students.

Looking to learn more about what JumpSTART can do for you or your student? Contact our Program Administrator:

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