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Fine Arts

At Western Christian, our mission to serve one another while extending the love of God goes beyond our classrooms. We believe that our talents and gifts can be exhibited on stages, through showcases and within performances. We believe this area of expression allows our students to further develop their unique character and pursue excellence

The Wolfpack Edge

At Western Christian, all fine arts programs strive to reflect our faith in God. This is evident in how we serve, perform, compete, and respond to one another. Being a part of the Wolfpack, it is our hope and prayer that Purpose, Passion, & Service are incorporated within every co-curricular activity that takes place here, and beyond, at Western Christian.

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Vocal Performing Arts

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  • Cantus Choir (Grade 9-12)

    This mixed voice ensemble is open to Freshman and Sophmores. Audition is required solely for the purpose of determining vocal parts and the ability to read music. Attendance is required at four concerts per year. Freshmen students also have the opportunity to audition for Opus Honor’s Choir in the fall. All students are encouraged to participate in the State Solo & Ensemble Contest each spring.
  • Concert Choir (Grades 10-12)

    This mixed voice ensemble is open to select Sophomores, and audition-only to Juniors and Seniors, held each spring. Cantus Choir is considered the prerequisite for this course. Attendance is required at four-five concerts per year. Vocal lessons are available and encouraged for all students within the concert choir grouping. Again, all students are encouraged to participate in the State Solo & Ensemble Contest each spring.
  • Chamber Singers (Grade 10-12

    Chamber Singers is a select group of students who wish to participate through a small ensemble. Students selected to participate in Chamber Singers are required to additionally be in Concert Choir, and must audition. Concert dress code is required, and selected students will be responsible for purchasing the correct attire. Concerts consist of local church performances, typically on Sunday nights. Chamber Singers does require a practice commitment of three mornings per week for the fall semester - typically this will consist of females one morning, males one morning, and the entire group another morning.

Instrumental Performing Arts

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  • Junior Band (Grade 9)

    Junior band is open to Freshman who have a developing skill of playing a band instrument. Junior band is considered a ‘course’ with daily practice. Due to this, at-home practice is not required. Various concerts are performed throughout the year
  • Concert Band (Grades 10-12)

    Concert band is open to Sophomores-Seniors. Concert band is also considered a ‘course’ with daily practice, so at-home practice will not be required. Performances will be given at the Fall, Winter, and Spring concerts, along with the Dordt University Band Festival in alternating years.
  • String Orchestra (Grade 9-12)

    Orchestra is open to Freshman-Seniors who have a developing skill of playing in the orchestra or have taken private lessons. Throughout the year, the Orchestra will perform a total of four times, including at the Dordt University Band Festival on alternating years. Additionally, the Orchestra will take a two-day performing tour to area Christian grade schools.
  • 727 Jazz Band (Grades 9-12)

    Jazz Band is a unique band group of selected members, through the audition process. Members meet at 7:27 AM two days per week. Where applicable, Jazz Band will perform.
  • Pep Band (Grades 9-12)

    Pep band consists of Freshman-Senior band members. Attendance is not mandatory for band students, but strongly encouraged. The larger the pep band-the more fun it can be! Pep Band performs throughout multiple events: home football games, Jam-the Gym Wrestling meets, and before all home Varsity basketball games.
  • Wolfpack Drumline (Grades 9-12)

    Wolfpack Drumline is open to all students in grades Freshman-Senior, accepted through the audition process. Auditions are held in May for the upcoming school year. Many members have an inclined set of rhythm, regardless if the student plays percussion or not. Various performances are done throughout the school year.

Theater Arts

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  • Drama

    Each year, a production of drama or music is performed. Students can serve in multiple roles during the performance: performers, set designers, backstage crew, stage managers, assistant directing, make-up, house lights, costumes, and more! Anyone interested in the Drama aspect of Theater Arts is welcome to join!
  • Competitive Speech

    Students wanting to further develop their individual or group communication skills have an opportunity! Through state and regional contests, students can join competitive speech! It is similar to interscholastics with an abundance of different categories to choose from!

Chapel Ministry

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  • Worship Arts & Leadership

    Students interested in exploring their artistic and creative potential in the process of worship planning, worship leadership, and liturgy. Students who are actively involved in Worship Arts & Leadership will learn an abundance about the following: the history and importance of worship, how to develop musical leadership and communication skills, exploring various styles of worship, and learning how to effectively utilize their skills within a congregational setting. Finally, customers are able to assist the Spiritual Life Team in planning their times of worship at Western Christian. While music-making is not required, there will be a significant emphasis on the musical aspect of worship.

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