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Spiritual formation and development are a foundational building block to each student’s experience at Western Christian High School. We have found that our spiritual lives’ influence one another in each program, course, activity, and classroom. Our faculty's cohesive desire is for our students to be passionate apprentices of Christ, recognizing God’s handiwork within their own story. Western Christian High School is devoted to building a strong spiritual culture with multiple foundational aspects: intentional relationships, weekly worship time/chapels, local and international service opportunities, various educational bible courses, and a multitude of prayer groups and independent bible study.

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  • Daily Prayer & Devotions

    The beginning of each school day at Western Christian High School is brought in with prayer and devotions. Teachers and students alike are welcomed to unite together in a brief time of worship. Here, teachers are requested to model a true desire for beginning the day with a time of spiritual reflection. Students are encouraged to participate by sharing prayer requests, notes of celebration, and any room for encouragement with their classmates, who are equally encouraged to lift up one another in prayer. As vital as it is to begin our day in prayer, it is equally important to close each learning day in a moment of prayer, led by either the teachers or students, pending the classroom preferences. We at Western Christian High School believe any time spent in prayer with one another to devote ourselves repeatedly to God while caring for one another is vital to one’s spiritual wellbeing.

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  • Weekly Chapel

    Our student body, faculty and staff gather for a time of celebration and worship. While each week may vary, one goal remains the same - the goal of growing in our spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ and building up one another as the body of Christ. Our faculty and staff equally participate through planning and leading a large majority of chapels throughout the year, including inviting outside speakers and pastors into the chapel service to lead our time of worship. We believe that the purpose of these chapels serves as a way to spiritually connect while fostering a proactive relationship with God and one another equally.

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  • Spiritual Emphasis Week

    With the everyday rush that comes throughout the school year, we at Western Christian High School believe it is important to press ‘pause’ on the noise & refocus on our roots in Christ. The yearn for more has created Spiritual Emphasis Week, typically falling in the weeks leading up to Easter. Spiritual Emphasis Week is typically led by a keynote speaker, a worship band, and peer bonding activities to bring classmates together. This week serves as a time for our students, faculty and staff to slow down, reconnect with one another, and refocus their minds on Jesus Christ.

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  • FaithPacks

    Our student body is divided into groups of roughly 12-14 students each year, where these groups are then known as Faithpacks. The set goal of Faithpacks is to promote times of devotion, prayer, and community-building. During our weekly chapels, we encourage students to sit together with their Faithpacks, while their leaders are encouraged to establish a positive relationship with their small groups within a large group setting. The main goal during this time may vary from week to week; these goals may range from a themed lesson to Bible readings to reflecting on a prior chapel or weekly event that could impact students spiritually. In addition to spending weekly time together, Faithpacks also serve together on Stewardship Day (read more below).

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  • Stewardship Day

    Knowing and being disciples of Jesus Christ come with action - being the true hands and feet of Jesus Christ within our communities, spreading the love of Christ with one another. Usually in October, a day will be set aside for our students to find active ways to offer service to their surrounding neighbors and communities. These acts of service range from assisting at a food pantry, raking leaves or planting trees, and completing those put-off maintenance projects for individuals who need a helping hand. We believe that these opportunities truly allow us to grow in our relationships with one another, and to put our faith into action within our local community.

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