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Fostering Academic Success

Western Christian High School strives to foster academic learning built upon student’s gifts and talents. Our innovative faculty members are committed to creating academic practices that support outstanding academic and spiritual growth. Additionally, faculty at Western Christian High School facilitate a deeper level of learning with a high level of authentic intellectual work and values that go beyond our walls. Our teachers, faculty and support staff work cohesively to create dynamic courses that invite, inquiry and nurture creative thinking, all while meeting the needs of each student within their own creative learning style.

Western Christian High School students are held to a rigorous academic standard. These students are positioned for life outside the walls of Western Christian, retaining acceptance at multiple colleges or universities and exceedingly successful contributors in their chosen workplace. Students are frequently evaluated through utilized assessments where data is used to continuously individualize learning and guarantee students are reaching their full potential.

Western Christian High School is able to provide exceptional education to your student; one that is deeply rooted in faith and encourages growth. Here, students are prepared and encouraged to grow and succeed - both in the classroom and beyond the wall of Western Christian High School.
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Founded in 1919, Western Academy began as a four-year academic community accommodating grades 9-12. Renamed in the 1930s to Western Christian High School, the mission and values remain the same. Western Christian High School is dedicated to equipping our students to be faithful stewards of God’s Word.
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