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Established in 1919, Western Academy began as promoting members were seeking a secondary Christian education community. They believed in a “World & Life View”, beginning and ending with the sovereignty of God over all life. Renamed to Western Christian High School, our faculty has faithfully provided Christ-centered education for generations to come.

First Building

Western Academy began by opening its doors to 40 students in a little house on Main Street in Hull, IA. Students gathered here for over five years; parents faithfully invested in the education of their students, paying a tuition fee of $50/student. By 1924, Western Academy had the financial means to establish their own building. As time went on, the students began to come from outside of town, and some traveling a short distance. For students who lived beyond this, boarding was provided Monday-Friday for an additional cost. During it’s time, students came from five main areas: Sioux County & surrounding towns; Central Minnesota/the Prinsburg area; Southwestern Minnesota/Edgerton area; Central South Dakota/the Corsica area; and Manhattan, Montana. As Christian schools began to develop, the quantity of students from the areas began to decrease, eventually ceasing over time. By 1934, Western Academy was able to purchase its first bus. Since 1934, Western’s busing program has continued to develop.

Name Change & Building Additions

Additionally in 1934, Western Academy reorganized and was then renamed to Western Christian High School. By 1940, Western Christian High School had over 100 students, serving grades 9-12. The new school that had been started years prior was completed in 1948, However, as enrollment continued to rapidly increase, the building also grew to accommodate the students. Throughout the 1950s-1970s, additions were added to the then-completed building: a gymnasium in 1957, a modern music facility for band and choir in 1964, a science wing in 1968, a wood shop and home economics room in the mid-1970s, and a second gymnasium in 1978.

For almost fifteen years, the building was able to sustain its growth. In 1994, a new construction project began, remodeling the three main floors of the original building. In 2008, the athletics department saw a need for a weightlifting room and our busing department saw the need for a bus barn. As these were added, another major renovation was underway. In 2015-2016, the school received another update to the science wing, music facility, and original gym (built in 1957) that was converted to an event space. During this time, upgrades were also implemented in the entrance and lobby.

Curriculum & Extracurriculars

The curriculum originating in the early years of Western Academy has defined our character to the present day. Our courses established in the foundational years of our facility emphasizes the importance that our Board of Directors placed on scholarship and performance. Western Christian High School has not lost sight of this.

Throughout the years, students have furthermore been encouraged to participate in the variety of extracurricular activities. Over many decades since opening the department in 1919, our music department has expanded into vocals, band, and orchestra. In terms of competitive sports, the foundational school board was hesitant to approve. It was not until 1940 that Western Christian High School began their athletic program, receiving recognition from the Iowa High School Athletic Association, and allowed to compete in competitive sports with surrounding community schools. The establishment of the athletics department has become a significant part of student life on campus. Furthermore, fine arts in the form of theater, publications, and speech have also made a substantial impact in shaping students’ experience at Western Christian High School.

Western Christian Today

Western Christian High School has been faithfully blessed for over 100 years by alumni, parents, grandparents, local churches and businesses on an outstanding level. From Western Academy’s humble beginnings in a little house on Main Street, Western Christian High School has developed into a comprehensive liberal arts school housing over 80,000 square feet of state-of-the-art educational classrooms, labs, media rooms, woods and drafting, and athletic facilities. Our curriculum exceeds the standards set by the State of Iowa, including coursework for those who will enter the workforce after graduation and those who plan to further their education after graduating. God is indeed working faithfully through our students at Western Christian High School!

Western Christian High School currently serves over thirty churches and communities ranging from Inwood, Rock Rapids, Lester, Alvord, Doon, Rock Valley, Hull, Boyden, George, Ocheyedan, Sanborn, Sheldon, Middleburg, Lebanon, and Hudson, South Dakota. Western Christian High School enrolls roughly 290 students each year and is an accredited school through Christian Schools International (CSI).

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Founded in 1919, Western Academy began as a four-year academic community accommodating grades 9-12. Renamed in the 1930s to Western Christian High School, the mission and values remain the same. Western Christian High School is dedicated to equipping our students to be faithful stewards of God’s Word.
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