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Investing in your Child's Future

Western Christian High School is dedicated to providing excellent Christian education in an environment that fosters deepening students’ faith and their personal relationship with Christ across all socioeconomic backgrounds. At Western Christian, we understand the financial sacrifice of tuition, which is a considerable investment into your child’s future. Therefore, Western Christian is committed to allocating the appropriate resources wisely and raising additional funds to ensure our ability as a facility to fulfill our mission while meeting the ever changing needs of the school.

Western Christian High School offers the following tuition structure:

For more information regarding tuition, ESAs, or other financial aid information, please contact:

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Variable Tuition

Variable Tuition is a reduced tuition rate dependent on each family’s unique financial situation. Variable Tuition is available for students entering grades 9-12, renewed annually through the application process. The reduced rate is determined by Western Christian’s Finance Director and Board Committee and will be reflected in each family’s tuition account. Variable Tuition rates reflect the tuition rate less the following applicable grants: NICSTO funds, Tuition Assistance Funds, Fair Share Funds, and Education Savings Accounts.

Additional assistance is also available for members of the ‘Chapter Churches’. These members will also have $2,800 of tuition assistance for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. For more information, please contact the Western Christian office.

Unique to Iowa Residents: Education Savings Account
For the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, the Education Savings Account program will provide tuition assistance for each qualifying student.

At Western Christian, it is our desire to implement each Education Savings Account with discernment- all within the ways that align with our mission and our Reformed Christian perspective. We believe that the Education Savings Accounts are a huge blessing to parents locally, and across the state of Iowa! However, we want to remain good stewards of this generous blessing. To find more information, see the Important Links to the right.

Full Tuition Rate

At Western Christian High School, the full tuition rate is applicable to all attending families that do not qualify for variable tuition or Education Savings Accounts. For the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, the full tuition rate for all Western Christian students is $11,400 per student. Tuition rates are determined by the steady rise in the cost of education, while being bundled with fees for the classrooms, textbooks, and activity fees, which previously were separated.

The True Cost of Education

Without any fundraising participation and application of any grants/assistance, the true full cost of education at Western Christian is $14,200 per student. This cost would be applicable to families where the parents do not wish to receive any grants or participate in fundraising activities.

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