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Portrait of a Graduate

The Western Christian Graduate Advantage, Our Promise to You.

When families are choosing a school for their children, many factors come into consideration - location, quality of the education, safety, extracurricular offerings and opportunities, and more. But what truly sets one school apart from the other? What makes this the right school for your child’s future? Here at Western Christian High School, our staff is committed to our mission:
Upholding biblical truth, fostering academic growth, and equipping all learners to love God and serve others
Through this mission statement, Western Christian High School and its staff aim to transform students into whole-hearted servants - ones who will restore God’s creation, care for the creatures of the land, and maintain His world to the highest standard. Our mission statement propels our vision for the future, daily goals in and out of the classroom, and motivation to create a better universe for all generations. But what about our students - how will they be unique to the world? Our Portrait of a Graduate describes just that.

We truly believe that God is never quite done working within us. Even when students reach graduation, it is not the end, rather a cornerstone to the beginning of God using us for His good. The “I am…” statements below provide an affirmation for Western Christian High School’s vision for the education of all students who come through our doors.

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  • Passionate Apprentices of Christ

    1. I am starting my journey of living out my identity as a child of God with confidence, humility, joy, and curiosity.
    2. I am starting the journey of understanding that I alone am saved by Grace and will grow from each mistake that I make.
    3. I am starting the journey of following Christ with faithfulness, resilience, humility, all in a hopeful but broken world.
    4. I am starting the journey of actively pursuing greater wholeness in the world by working for justice and mercy.

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  • Effective Communicators & Collaborators

    1. I am preparing to listen well and engage responsibility with the full diversity of all people.
    2. I am preparing to profess my faith and biblical worldview.
    3. I am preparing to consider multiple viewpoint and collaborate with others in team environments.
    4. I am preparing to use a variety of methods to communicate ideas, clearly and concisely, in a professional manner.

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  • Servant-Hearted Leaders

    1. I am learning to serve all people with humility and empathy.
    2. I am learning to share my time and talents with others.
    3. I am learning to positively influence team efforts with creative ideas, actionable suggestions, and hard work.
    4. I am learning to demonstrate perseverance, tenacity and resilience in the face of difficult tasks and adversity.

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  • Engage Learners & Critical Thinking

    1. I am learning to think critically and analytically through a faithful and biblical perspective.
    2. I am learning to recognize my unique role in the Great Commission and maximize the potential of my God-given gifts and callings.
    3. I am learning to identify problems, work persistently to solutions, and to remain diligent in my work.
    4. I am learning to meet standards and expectations that will help me thrive beyond the doors of Western Christian High School.
    5. I am learning to embrace curiosity and the endless pursuit of learning.

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Founded in 1919, Western Academy began as a four-year academic community accommodating grades 9-12. Renamed in the 1930s to Western Christian High School, the mission and values remain the same. Western Christian High School is dedicated to equipping our students to be faithful stewards of God’s Word.
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