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Mission & Vision

Rooted in our commitment to a distinctly Reformed Christian perspective, Western Christian High School is a Christ-centered learning community upholding Biblical truth, fostering academic growth, and equipping all learners to love God & serve others. 

A Christ-Centered Learning Community

Western Christian High School is more than just a school, we are a learning community. In our Christ-centered learning community, we emphasize collaborative partnerships involving a host of churches, students, alumni, families, faculty, staff, local businesses and generous donors. Due to this, we are able to structure our curriculum to address unique needs locally, nationally, and globally. Through the effective partnerships, Western Christian High School is able to offer an abundance of meaningful ways for stakeholders to actively engage with all events happening in our community. 

It is often noted that the depth and authenticity of a Christian learning community discovered at Western Christian High School exceeds expectations and overflows in abundant blessings. Just as Christ loves the church, students are known, valued, and cared for. Lifelong friendships are formed within the walls of Western Christian High School where students develop a true sense of belonging within God’s Kingdom.

Upholding Biblical Truth

A biblical worldview is based on God’s unchanging Word. As the Creator of all things in Heaven and on Earth, God is the standard of truth. As 2 Timothy 3:16 states, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God.” In this verse, inspiration is interchangeable with meaning “God breathed out.” Just as the Holy Spirit has guided humans to write down and preserve His words in scripture, Western Christian HIgh School is committed to guiding each student to seek, proclaim, and uphold the Biblical Truth.

The Absolute Truth is revealed through Creation, Scripture, and the person of Christ. As the secular society around us embraces relativism, Western Christian High School holds firmly to the belief that God has established absolutes that are true for all people, in all places, at all times. As the truth exists, it is our duty to uncover it and enjoy it. We believe that we were created to be image-bearers of God, using God’s revelation (Bible, Creation, and Inspiration) for His Glory; this is why we are able to do all things graciously, deeply, and faithfully. We truthfully believe our faith influences all aspects of our lives and therefore is an integral part of each aspect of our students’ education.

Fostering Academic Growth & Equipping All Learners

Our commitment to a Biblical reformed worldview education is one of our top priorities. God has called us to do everything as it is work for the Lord, and we believe that this calling holds us to a high standard for providing education. We continually strive for excellence in our curriculum, programming, faculty, staff, and outreach. Through each endeavor, we exist to bring Him honor and glory, doing everything as an act of worshiping Him!

With our rigorous curriculum, our graduates are prepared for their Calling, whether it be vocation or post-secondary education. The four aspirations of our education form our “Portrait of a Graduate”: being passionate apprentices of Christ, servant-hearted leaders, effective communicators and collaborators, and engaged critical thinkers. Western Christian High School offers a diverse set of academic opportunities, including Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO), Career and Technical Education (CTE), co-curricular opportunities, internships, and more. Western Christian High School equips our students with the life skills and tools to grow their relationship with Christ beyond the walls of high school; ultimately, our goal is for our graduates to embrace the curiosity and endless pursuit of learning… To serve the King.

To Love God & Serve Others

Loving God and serving others is at the heart of what we do and who we are both inside and outside the classroom. This is the very basis for learning at Western Christian High School. We are training apprentices of Jesus Christ. 

As we facilitate the development of passionate apprentices, our goal for every graduate is to serve all people with humility and empathy, positively influencing others through creative ideas, actionable suggestions, and hard work. As a discipleship school, our teachers and staff are intentional in mentoring and encouraging students to become mature disciples of Jesus Christ while actively pursuing justice and mercy.

Everything Awaits You Here at
Western Christian High School

Founded in 1919, Western Academy began as a four-year academic community accommodating grades 9-12. Renamed in the 1930s to Western Christian High School, the mission and values remain the same. Western Christian High School is dedicated to equipping our students to be faithful stewards of God’s Word.
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